Tom KennettDirector of Business Development

Tom Kennett is Director of Business Development for Growth Capital Services. He has over 40 years of securities industry experience in multiple roles, including CEO of firms ranging $20M to $20B annual revenues, in US and international markets, on retail and institutional platforms. He is responsible for building out our Affiliate Program in US and abroad.

Tom is also financial and business consultant to SMEs under $100M annual sales. He specializes in growth and exit strategies, performance management, business risk management, M&A advisory, and financial mediation.

Tom earned his BA in Philosophy from University of California at Irvine and did graduate work in economics and law at University of London.

He is a CFE-Retired, a former CIMA and IACCP, and has multiple professional certificates, among them Legal Investigation from University of Arizona, Alternative Dispute Resolution from Purdue University, Anti Money Laundering from New York Institute of Finance, and Arbitrator Chairperson Training from NASD Institute.

In addition to being an avid hiker, canyoneer, and swimmer, Tom is deeply engaged in the study of cognitive neuroscience and biosemiotics.