Category: Business Development

Michael Hintsa

Michael Hintsa is a member of the compliance team for Growth Capital Services. He is responsible for assisting all supervisory principals in matters related to compliance.

Amar Deva

Amar Deva is a Supervisory Principal. He is responsible for the supervisory review of private offerings, advertising, and sales material. Mr. Deva also conducts compliance functions such as regulatory filings and special projects as part of the GCS compliance team.

Vladimir Sidorenko

Vladimir Sidorenko leads OLIVIA development for GCS. He has several years of game and web development experience, specializing in custom complex web apps.

Scott Blumin

Scott Blumin is the Technology Director of Growth Capital Services. In this role, Mr. Blumin advises the company on SEC rule 17a-4 and is the company’s Designated Third Party provider (D3P).

Brian Dunn

Brian Dunn is the Founder and CEO of Growth Capital Services. He leads the team’s efforts in corporate development and revenue generation.

Dennis Azary

Dennis Azary is a Supervisory Principal and Financial Operations Principal for Growth Capital Services. He is responsible for supervising registered representatives as well as financial reporting.

Tom Kennett

Tom Kennett is Director of Business Development for Growth Capital Services. He is responsible for our Affiliate Program.