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Our team and our technology provide customized support for your business without the burdensome bureaucracy of a large investment bank.

The Member Services team will guide you through the initial registration process, deal documentation and investor follow-up. Your transaction-related questions will be handled by a dedicated Supervisor with support from the full Compliance team. OLIVIA, our virtual platform for supervisory procedures illuminates a clear path for getting business done. We take care of compliance so you can focus on closing deals.


GCS offers a platform for registering and supervising experienced private securities professionals.

Member Qualifications

GCS partners with experienced investment bankers and other financial professionals who meet the following criteria:

  • Experience in private placements and/or M&A
  • Proven track record sourcing, soliciting, managing and closing deals
  • Defined business focus with realistic, predictable revenue
  • Current and active deal pipeline
  • Unique approach to specific industry niche
  • Established network of qualified, accredited institutional investors
  • Driven, self-directed, able to work independently
  • Strong sense of integrity and respect of securities rules and laws

Our top producers have been with us for many years. They stay because our platform was built by seasoned professionals who understand their business and are devoted to outstanding service.


With limited exceptions, GCS only sponsors experienced, independent, private placement and M&A professionals for the following FINRA exams: Series 7, 22, 24, 79, and 82, which cover registrations for private placements, investment banking, and the supervising principal roles for both. The SIE and multi-state (series 63) exams do not require FINRA member firm sponsorship.

Generally speaking, exam requirements are as follows:

  • If you advise on investment banking or finance-related matters, but do not sell securities for a commission, you need the Series 79;
  • If you sell private securities for a commission, but do not advise on investment banking or finance-related matters, you need the Series 7 (more general), the Series 22 (pass-through placements), or the Series 82 (more limited);
  • If you sell and structure, you need the 79 and the 7, 22, or 82;
  • In all cases, you need a Series 63 for registration in the states.
  • If you manage people who do either 1 or 2 above, you need a series 24 or its equivalent in addition to the other registrations.

We sponsor qualified individuals for the following exams:

Questions about which exam you should take?

15a-6 Services for Foreign Broker Dealers

Are you an investment professional working from outside the United States and interested in showing your investment mandates to US institutional investors? If so, you may be able to operate under a “chaperone” arrangement as described in Rule 15a-6 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Under the chaperoning exemption, foreign firms are permitted to discuss securities with U.S. investors without registering themselves as a US broker-dealer. Instead, they can work through a “chaperone” FINRA member firm if the following conditions are met (please note that this is not an exhaustive summary):

  • foreign firm engages in 15a – 6 arrangement with FINRA member firm in good standing
  • conversations are exclusively with major institutional investors (as defined in Rule 15a-6(b)(4) of the Exchange Act)
  • certain meetings on US soil require the FINRA member firm to be present
  • FINRA member firm supervises communications with investors
  • complete investor information is provided to FINRA member firm for identification and suitability analysis

As the chaperoning broker-dealer, GCS will:

  • approve all personnel of the non-U.S. broker-dealer who contact U.S. investors
  • conduct appropriate due diligence on the investment opportunity
  • perform suitability and customer identification analysis on investors
  • maintain books and records to the standards required by US regulation, which tend to be more onerous than non-US regulation

Interested in becoming a 15a-6 client?



Informed timely support to keep your business moving

You want to be closing deals, not dealing with compliance or administrative hassles. To that end, we provide our registered representatives with a comprehensive membership package, including:

Proprietary Software Portal

OLIVIA is our secure proprietary compliance portal. You’ll have a personalized dashboard that tracks tasks at hand, keeps your documentation well organized, and provides a visual status of each of your deals and their progress. You’ll have access to OLIVIA 24/7, allowing you to do business when you wish, from any time zone.

Proprietary Software Portal OLIVIA | Growth Capital Services
Growth Capital Services | Member Services | Exam Sponsorship | Chaperone Services

Member Services

You will have a dedicated Member Services coordinator to guide you through the registration process and serve as your primary point of contact for your account and benefits.

Compliance Supervisor

Your dedicated Compliance Supervisor will advise you on the reporting you need to stay compliant with FINRA. Your Supervisor will work with you on each of your deals, and is responsible for reviewing and approving deal documentation for compliance. You will have direct access to your Supervisor who will know and understand your business and will provide efficient turn-around of your submissions.

GCS Membership | Broker-Dealer Firm
large network of like-minded investment professionals | GCS Membership

Collaboration and Networking

As a Member of GCS, you join a large network of like-minded investment professionals, with whom you may choose to share deals, contacts and ideas. We encourage collaboration amongst our Members through social events, virtual meetings, and collaborative functions in OLIVIA.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

We maintain an E&O insurance policy to protect our Members against inadvertent misstatements made to investors. E&O insurance is extremely difficult to obtain sole practitioner, and can be cost prohibitive.

Errors & Omissions Insurance | Growth Capital Services
IT Package & Technical Support | GCS Membership Package

IT Package & Technical Support

We provide access to email, website hosting, and archiving capabilities that have been set up according to FINRA requirements. This includes smart phone setup and phone-based technical support.

Virtual Data Room

Our virtual data rooms provide a secure location to store deal documents online, and invite your clients to view them according to the permission levels that you determine. In addition, the log feature allows you to keep tabs on which of your clients have viewed the documents, enabling you to spend more of your time on the most likely prospects.

Collaboration and Networking | Growth Capital Services Membership
Contract Templates | GCS Membership | Broker-Dealer Firm

Contract Templates

Our Library contains a variety of legal contracts that can be adapted for your use. These include engagement letters, NDAs, subscription/stock purchase agreements and other forms applicable to this business, available for download and customization. Your Supervisors are available to help you work through the specifics, including modifications specific to your business.

Compliance Guides

Our Library includes access to newsletters and compliance bulletins that focus on developments in the regulatory world that affect your business. The bulletins are designed with the active practitioner in mind, providing a clear idea of immediate actions to be taken and providing original source material for further research.

Compliance Guides | Growth Capital Services Membership
Growth Capital Services | Broker-Dealer Chaperone Services for Non-US Agents

Exam Support

We determine the appropriate exams for your business model, cover the cost of the initial exams, and assist you with scheduling. We have also arranged for a discount on materials from a leading provider of training programs.

Competitive Payouts

You will be able to take home the vast majority of the fees you generate. The technology-enabled business model allows for much higher payouts than are possible in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting.

Growth Capital Services Terms of Use | Broker-Dealer

Your needs are as unique as your deals. Let’s discuss.

Benefit From GCS’s Independent Broker Dealer Sponsorship For FINRA Exam

Are you an experienced and independent M&A professional or private placement professional looking for a broker-dealer sponsorship for the upcoming FINRA exams? GCS is your go-to option for independent broker-dealer sponsorship for several FINRA examinations, including series 7, 22, 24, 79, and 82.

Our broker-dealer sponsorship will also cover the registration cost for candidates from all three categories—supervising principals, investment banking, and private placements. It’s important to note that any sort of multi-state and SIE exams don’t need you to acquire the FINRA member sponsorship.

In order to qualify for the broker-dealer sponsorship, the candidate needs to have a proven record at closing deals successfully, adequate experience in private placements, and a very business-centric approach toward their industry-specific niche.

To learn more about GCS’s independent broker-dealer sponsorship for the FINRA exam, drop us a message.

What We Value

  • Entrepreneurs who maintain their own office and brand identity, source, and execute their own deals
  • Collaboration with others on our platform to expand distribution efforts as appropriate
  • Long term relationships - win-win partnerships that keep our best producers loyal to our platform
  • Culture of professional cooperation with a focus on investor protection

How We Work

  • Platform built by practitioners for practitioners
  • Independent contractor model allows latitude regarding investment mandates
  • Proprietary software supports many private placement deal types
  • Accessible and experienced Compliance team equipped to supervise most private investments
  • Chaperone service enables foreign placement agents to show mandates to U.S. institutional investors

What We've Done

  • Over $2 billion in U.S. dollar transaction value
  • Over $500 million equivalent in foreign currency transaction value
  • Over 2,000 transactions
  • Over $50 million commissions generated by reps
  • Over 1,000 investors served​

Who We Are

  • Providing consistent service since 2003
  • Supervised thousands of successful private placements in a large variety of industry sectors
  • Specializing in capital raises, M&A opportunities, and secondary sales of private stock
  • Registered in all 50 states and 2 U.S. territories
  • Headquartered in San Francisco, with registered representatives located throughout the U.S.