Larry Albukerk

I have been with GCS for many years and I have completed hundreds of transactions through the platform. Their approach to compliance is well thought out and intended to ensure that business is compliant with the many regulations. I also appreciate the technology platform (OLIVIA), which tracks the status of my deals. The GCS team is always accessible and provides regulatory and strategic advice. I would highly recommend GCS if you are serious about building an advisory firm that relies on a securities license.

Rebecca Balyasny

Growth Capital Services has provided the best broker dealer experience I could have asked for in the industry. Having worked at Fortune 500 companies in the past, in roles where I frequently dealt with compliance, I can say that GCS’s services are as good or better than any large firm where I spent my prior career. I always receive responses from the team within hours of asking a question, whether it be compliance or technology related. The OLIVIA system is easy to use. The compliance managers are thorough, responsive, and logical. I recommend GCS to every person who I know in the business.

Nikki Vasco

I work on a lot of complex, structured transactions. GCS’s level of knowledge and superior response times makes working as a rep easy. I have never been delayed by an inquiry to the compliance team or given unclear direction on submissions. The technology in place, along with the accessibility of the team, really helps relieve many of the regulatory burdens of the private placement market. I sincerely appreciate your vision, work and commitment!

Paul Kotos

In my 33 years as a licensed rep, and having used several different platforms, GCS offers the best platform for their lines of business. Also, the staff is professional, responsive, and efficient. I wish Brian Dunn and his team continued growth and success.

Matt Vitamante

The GCS Team is very diligent, punctual and focused. The Team has illustrated its thoughtful and conscious way of solving problems with a healthy mix of a wealth of industry knowledge and quick responses, and at the same time keeping the Registered Rep/Banker in mind to expand – not limit – his/her business. OLIVIA has everything you need and all is easily accessible for a seamless process. They have their finger on the pulse with regulations, processes, product flow and robust technology to ensure a beneficial relationship with all parties.

Mark Berman

My experience with GCS has been exceptional on multiple levels including responses to questions, timely payment, attention to detail and transparency. I would highly recommend GCS to anyone who is looking for a platform solution.

Michael Brownrigg

From the outset, Brian and his team at GCS have made our lives easier and more productive. GCS helped us navigate the complexities of FINRA and insured we were always doing things right. They make it simple to be compliant.

Lou Dalrymple

When it comes to broker-dealer platforms for independent dealmakers in the private capital markets, GCS leads by a mile. I’ve taken a close look at all of the major options, and no one else is even in the same zip code, let alone ballpark. From its talented team to its one-of-a-kind compliance software to its expansive network, every part of the organization is best in class.

Nicholas Delgado

The opportunity to partner with GCS has changed how we run our business. We have a wonderful relationship with the GCS team. Our Compliance Supervisor has consistently provided us quality guidance on how to get deals done in a compliant manner. OLIVIA is state of the art and enables our entire deal team to execute on key workflows. Bottom line – GCS makes us better.

James Donley

Growth Capital Services provides us with a cost-efficient, resource-rich platform to professionally enter the capital markets. The proprietary GCS processes and knowledgeable support team provide the necessary assistance to service both clients and investors without unnecessary burden from the start through the closing of a fundraising campaign.

Arnav Guleria

Brian and GCS define what professionalism and best practices mean for our industry. Coming to GCS from a large institution, I quickly came to appreciate the team’s care and speed. Deals get reviewed, agreements get signed, and commissions are paid out with dependable efficiency.

The balance that GCS attains, between staying out of your way and remaining ready at a moment’s notice, is unique. And powerful. The team’s celerity, on many occasions, allowed me to outmaneuver competitors. I can recall a time that GCS staff caught something I’d missed, saving me a deal and even relationships. This balance is far from trivial to build, and even harder to maintain. GCS nails it in the way only the best can do.

Charlie Hoffmann

GCS is better organized and offers a better product to independent reps than any other firm I could find that provides regulatory/compliance services. Customer service is top-notch, both in terms of the digital compliance platform GCS has built (OLIVIA is comprehensive and user-friendly) and the interaction with GCS individuals. Membership services are truly supportive, always highly responsive, needing no encouragement to move things along quickly, offering practical suggestions, and consistently friendly and constructive. I’m very pleased to be associated with GCS – it’s a highly professional organization that provides a valuable service to individuals trying to transact business in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

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