Growth Capital Services | Registered Private Placement and M&A Securities Firm



Growth Capital Services is a registered private placement and M&A securities firm that provides back office services to experienced private securities professionals. Our proprietary technology platform has been custom-built to serve independent contractors who have proven dealmaking capabilities and a successful track record.

Registered with FINRA since 2003 

Over 2,000 transactions

Over $2 billion total deal value

Registered in all 50 states

Specialists in capital raise, M&A, secondaries, 15a-6 chaperone

Headquartered in San Francisco, supporting professionals around the globe

Our team and our technology provide customized support for your business without the burdensome bureaucracy of a large investment bank.

The Member Services team will guide you through the initial registration process, deal documentation and investor follow-up. Your transaction-related questions will be handled by a dedicated Supervisor with support from the full Compliance team. OLIVIA, our virtual platform for supervisory procedures illuminates a clear path for getting business done. We take care of compliance so you can focus on closing deals.

Interested in becoming a registered representative?

What We Value

  • Entrepreneurs who maintain their own office and brand identity, source, and execute their own deals
  • Collaboration with others on our platform to expand distribution efforts as appropriate
  • Long term relationships - win-win partnerships that keep our best producers loyal to our platform
  • Culture of professional cooperation with a focus on investor protection

How We Work

  • Platform built by practitioners for practitioners
  • Independent contractor model allows latitude regarding investment mandates
  • Proprietary software supports many private placement deal types
  • Accessible and experienced Compliance team equipped to supervise most private investments
  • Chaperone service enables foreign placement agents to show mandates to U.S. institutional investors

What We've Done

  • Over $2 billion in U.S. dollar transaction value
  • Over $500 million equivalent in foreign currency transaction value
  • Over 2,000 transactions
  • Over $50 million commissions generated by reps
  • Over 1,000 investors served​

Who We Are

  • Providing consistent service since 2003
  • Supervised thousands of successful private placements in a large variety of industry sectors
  • Specializing in capital raises, M&A opportunities, and secondary sales of private stock
  • Registered in all 52 U.S. states and territories
  • Headquartered in San Francisco, with registered representatives located throughout the U.S.