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Meet The Team

Growth Capital Services is a registered broker-dealer specializing in private securities. Our representatives work on institutional placement agent assignments, M&A advisory, late stage direct company capital raises, and late stage secondary opportunities.

While navigating the world of private securities can be unnervingly opaque, our team is here to help. Our goal is to offer solutions, not obstacles: effective guidance in getting the job done right.


  • Brian Dunn

    Founder & CEO

    Brian Dunn is the Founder and CEO of Growth Capital Services. He leads the team’s efforts in...

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Business Development

  • Tom Kennett

    Director of Business Development

    Tom Kennett is Director of Business Development for Growth Capital Services. He is responsible...

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  • Justin Schleifer

    Chief Compliance Officer

    Justin Schleifer is the Chief Compliance Officer for Growth Capital Services. He is responsible...

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  • Dennis Azary

    Supervisory Principal

    Dennis Azary is a Supervisory Principal and Financial Operations Principal for Growth Capital Services....

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  • Amar Deva

    Supervisory Principal

    Amar Deva is a Supervisory Principal. He is responsible for the supervisory review of private offerings,...

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  • Cedric Levye

    Supervisory Principal

    Cedric Levye is a Supervisory Principal. He is responsible for supervising registered representatives...

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  • Shannon Carini

    In-House Counsel

    Shannon Carini brings a unique legal acumen to her work with the Compliance Team.

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  • Courtney Rosiek

    Member Services Manager

    Courtney Rosiek, Member Services Manager, oversees the onboarding of new Representatives and a variety...

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  • Alan Duncan

    Operations Coordinator

    Alan Duncan assists the Operations team with onboarding, updating the GCS website, and coordinating...

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  • Lainy Jahnke

    Operations Coordinator

    Lainy Jahnke has worked in operations and finance for over 10 years.

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  • Scott Blumin

    Technology Director

    Scott Blumin is the Technology Director of Growth Capital Services. In this role, Mr. Blumin advises...

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  • Vladimir Sidorenko

    OLIVIA Lead Developer

    Vladimir Sidorenko leads OLIVIA development for GCS. He has several years of game and web development...

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